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Easily toggle between light and dark mode in Sublime Text 4

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[Sublime Text 4]: [Package Control]: [package]: The [_Toggle Dark Mode_][package] plugin for [Sublime Text 4] allows you to toggle dark mode independently from the system preferences, according to your light and dark theme and color scheme preferences. It uses the `auto` theme and color scheme feature in Sublime Text 4, so it works out of the box without any configuration, and following your preferences. ## Installation 💿 * Open the Command Palette (`Tools > Command Palette`). * Choose `Package Control: Install Package`. * Search for [_Toggle Dark Mode_][package] and select to install. ## Usage 🌚🌞 The plugin adds a command to toggle between your preferred light and dark theme and color scheme. There are two ways to use the command: - Open the command palette, and run _Toggle Dark Mode_ - Add a key binding in `Preferences > Key Bindings`: ```js [ // for example, on Mac: { "keys": ["ctrl+super+t"], "command": "toggle_dark_mode" }, // or { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+t"], "command": "toggle_dark_mode" }, ] ``` ### Auto-Switching 🤖 When toggling back to the current OS preference, it will switch `theme` and `color_scheme` back to `auto`, to leverage the auto-switching capability built-in in Sublime Text 4. ### Configuration ⚙️ _Sublime Text 4_ introduces the following settings to work in combination with `auto`: - `dark_color_scheme` - `dark_theme` - `light_color_scheme` - `light_theme` You may configure these in your `Preferences.sublime-settings`, and they will be honored by this plugin. ## Requirements 📦 _Toggle Dark Mode_ is tested against the **latest Build** of Sublime Text, currently requiring **`Build 4096+`**, which provides the new [`ui_info` API]( allowing this plugin to have no dependencies. * [Sublime Text 4] * [Package Control]