Test Suite for Events in Tag Attributes

How it works

In the Testing section below, each <tag> listed in its on fieldset contains a text -test me-. All known JavaScript events are bound to that tag as tag attribute. If the event is triggered, the corresponding checkbox will be ticked.

If the tag contains a link to be clicked, the "onClick" attribute is not set.
The content of the called link uses the tag in its intented context.

As some events are interactive, they must be triggered manually by:

  1. move the mouse over the -test me- text
  2. click the mouse's select button on the -test me- text
  3. click the mouse's context button on the -test me- text
  4. double click the mouse's select button on the -test me- text
  5. click the mouse's select button on the -test me- text and move while button clicked
  6. press a key after selcting -test me- text
  7. try to paste something on the -test me- text
  8. use the mouse wheel on the -test me- text

Finally click the [Result] button at end of the Testing section to get the triggerd events for the tags in the Results section.


All checkboxes for the events in the tags are invisible by default.
Clicking the appropriate checkbox in the Show Events for each tag area shows this event checkbox for each tag. Unchecking the checkbox hides the tag's event checkbox.


Moving the mouse over the Config section pops up a inset window with some configuration settings which are used for the result.

Event Errors

The Event Errors section shows all tag events which threw an exception when triggered with the [fire] button.

GUI Buttons

Buttons at the end of the Testing area: Some of these action may take 5-20 seconds, depending on the browser.

The tabs (like "HTML 4" or "Keys") are just used to highlight all events of this category. These tabs provide no other functionality.


Closing Tags

For events in closing tags see tags-close.html (Warning: ~4.7MB)

Not (yet) automatically testable

Some tag attributes if used invoke an event too, for example: checked, selected or autofocus
A working test case for these events is currently missing.


This tool can be used to collect browser events automatically.

If send each event to server is checked in Config section then each event will be send to the server specified in FQDN to send event to using the URL specified in URL to send event to. This request will use the string set in User-Agent to be send as value for the "User-Agent" HTTP header.


checking these boxes have currently no effect, it's just informational



Event Errors