Hello world!

I'm Kevin. I believe that code is more than just ones and zeroes. I believe programming is a craft that involves as much creativity as any other form of art. I'm a proponent of the worse is better philosophy, and I think making things easier to understand is better than making things more complicated.

I support diversity in tech, and I believe we have a responsibility to open the door for new coders- especially those who feel unwelcome, or who might not know how fun it is.

I'm always looking for ways to get more involved in education, outreach, and mentorship, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

By day, I'm a software engineer at Google. I'm the tech lead of a team within Google Maps, and here are some articles about projects I've been involved in:

But my true love is helping run Software Product Sprint (formerly called CodeU) in my "20%" time.

I write a lot of the curriculum and example projects that the program uses. I'd love to do something like this full-time, but for now I do it mostly on nights and weekends.

You can find more info in these articles written by SPS / CodeU participants:

I post coding tutorials and examples at HappyCoding.io!

The tutorials start with the fundamentals in Processing and p5.js, and go through more advanced topics including Java, web development, server-side coding, Google Cloud, Android, and libGDX.

Come say hi on the forum!

I also sporadically post random thoughts to the blog. Here are a few:

On Stack Overflow I mostly lurk in various Processing tags. I believe in helping people through the process of solving their own problems.

Here are some fun posts:

And some other random nerdiness:

I love to talk about coding, outreach, cats, and mentorship.

The best way to get in touch is by posting on the HappyCoding.io forum.

I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I post nerdy stuff on Happy Coding's Facebook here.

Sometimes I take pictures.

See more at photos.KevinWorkman.com.

You can check out my resume here.

I've always had a passion for education, but I've had to "scratch that itch" outside of my software engineering career through mentorship, writing tutorials, and volunteering in my spare time. I'm looking for a job that aligns with my personal values and contains a mix of coding / building, writing curriculum content, and working directly with students and / or teachers.

If you have a position like that available- GET AT ME.