WIN|LINUX license: MIT
*QuickPuTTY* is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that allows you to save SSH sessions for quick access to them. Plugin will be useful to those who often use SSH. Works with a free and open-source terminal emulator [PuTTY](https://putty.org "Visit putty.org"). ![](./messages/usage.gif)


The plugin is available on [Package Control](https://packagecontrol.io/packages/QuickPuTTY "QuickPuTTY page on packagecontrol.io") and can be installed in this way: 1. Press `Ctrl + Shift + P`, then enter `Package Control: Install Package` (or just `ins`) 2. Choose `QuickPuTTY` in the list of available packages After installation, you can change encryption keys in plugin settings (looking through all settings may be useful): Go to `Preferences > Package Settings > QuickPuTTY > Settings` in the nav-bar. ![](./messages/installation.gif) ## Usage #### Create session 1. Go to `PuTTY > New session` in the nav-bar 2. Enter server host/ip, port, username and password (last two are optional) #### Edit sessions 1. Go to `PuTTY > Manage sessions` in the nav-bar 2. Edit session data (if you are editing password, do not forget to specify “encrypt”) 3. Do not forget to save file #### Remove session 1. Go to `PuTTY > Remove session` in the nav-bar 2. Choose a session that you want to remove **Warning!** Usernames and passwords are stored using symmetric-key encryption (can be easily decoded). Make sure no one can access them. ------------------------------------------- The plugin was tested on `Windows 10 (1809) x64` and `Ubuntu 18.04.03`. If you have found a bug or mistake, you are very welcome to contact me on [n-panuhin.info](https://n-panuhin.info "Visit n-panuhin.info") or open a [new GitHub issue](https://github.com/Nikita-Panyuhin/QuickPuTTY/issues/new "Open QuickPuTTY GitHub Issues"). You can find the latest version of PuTTY on [putty.org](https://putty.org "Visit putty.org") ------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2020 Nikita Paniukhin License: [MIT](http://n-panuhin.info/license.html "Visit n-panuhin.info/license")