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--- # 5. Scaffolding with the Component Kickstarter Due to the elaborate nature of PresentationObjects `PackageFactory.AtomicFusion.PresentationObjects` ships with a scaffolding tool that eases the creation of all required code patterns. This tool comes in the form of a set of Neos.Flow commands and enables you to generate code from the command line. ## `component:kickstartenum` command This command generates a new pseudo-enum value object. A pseudo-enum is an attempt to enable enumeration types in PHP, since it doesn't have a native language construct for this (although this might change in the future: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/enum). Enumerations (or: enums) can be used to represent discrete values. Think of the state of a traffic light which can only take one of the values red, yellow and green (simplified, of course). A good example in HTML would be the `type` attribute of a `