function www_sql() % % WWW-server as interface to ALIS data in MySQL % tcpip_close all; while 1, sock=-1; while sock<0, disp 'Open socket 8080...' sock=tcpip_servsocket(8080); if(con<0), pause(0.1); end end while tcpip_status(sock), disp 'Listen for connections...' con=-1; while con<0, con=tcpip_listen(sock); if(con<0), pause(0.1); end end disp ':-) Connection....' try, www_read_do(con); end %% Read from connection... tcpip_close(con); end tcpip_close all; end return; % % Read http data from connection and decide what to do. % function www_read_do(con) str=''; start_time=now; while length(str)==0 && tcpip_status(con)>=10 && now-start_time < 10, str=tcpip_readln(con,1000); end if length(str)==0, disp 'Read error...' return; end if strncmp(upper(str),'GET /',5), www_write_main(con); end return; % % Write main page! % function www_read_do(con) pg=sprintf(['HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n'... 'Content-Type: text/html\n\n'... '\n'... '


'... '']); tcpip_write(con,pg); return;