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I headed over to the First BloggerCon in Singapore around 2 p.m. and was the first speaker in the discussion on Bloggers and their communities. And Preetam asked me to speak about the Indian Community in Singapore and our bloggers meet. A quick 5 minutes of my speech and I was back in my seat listening to Mr. Brown, Mr. Miyagi, and Preetam. I also discovered a few groups that I didnt know about like Barflies and JC bloggers.

The breaks were almost an hour long, which made me ponder on whether they had anything worthwhile at all to showcase! The next session was on how to be a law-abiding blogger, with two lawyers speaking on copyright issues, linking policies, Creative Commons, etc. The session warmed up then, with people asking questions that were of relevance =D

THe third and final discussion was on technology which was quite lame to think about it, where they were introducing bloglines and flickr to the masses and promoting trackbacks. I really have something against trackbacks as there is NO WAY of stopping trackback spam (except by IP Banning) and it is quite a dangerous thing to include. Wisely blogger does not support trackbacks.

We had belly dancers to entertain us while the stage was being prepared for the party! Er..pardon me, but Belly Dancing is a vigorous and exciting dance not to be performed like a ballet. I guess the dancers were either too drained or too graceful to let everything go and perform with enthusiasm!

The only thing that was jarring was the IRC panel that was displayed on the screens that took away the audience attention from the discussion, leading to quite a few giggles and laughs about the content on the IRC.

The party till the time I left (which was around 9) was not at all happening =D Everyone was gathering around the counter serving the free flow of drinks and watching the NDP Practice Fireworks =D

On the whole, it was a good beginning, I hope the momentum will be sustained and a meaningful discussion about blogs would emerge from the next conferences.

A BIG Thanks to the organizers for putting on an AWESOME smooth show!

One good thing, Popagandhi restarts blogging! Yay!

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