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Miscellaneous Ramblings

I thought for a minute I was transported to Indiam, when I saw the Straits Times headlines screaming “Gandhi moves quickly to form the Indian Govt”. Blink blink. Is this the idyllic Singapore that did not even give front page headline-screaming importance to Malaysian elections or Philipines election? Ah, apparently it was.

So this election has gone to show 90% of the Great Indian Middle Class does not vote. And ppl vote with their feet than with their brain.

Anyways, disturbingly moving to another topic, I just noticed how newspapers seem to love serif fonts while all sign boards prefer sans serif fonts. Wonder why such preferences? I thought newspapers must be easy to read too.. not just sign boards, so why this hanging on to “tradition”?

On another note, my Computer is now beyond any form of salvation, with it obstinately refusing to power itself on. After three such mishaps I have given up on it for good and am relying on an efficient and fast room mate’s computer.