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Women's Day Out

So, me and mito had valiantly registered for the Women’s Day Out Three hour Aerobic workout. Mito had already started musing on how we were even gonna survive it. I, naturally, did not consider the consequences before the deed was done.

Yesterday we did it! We survived a three hour aerobic hi-impact workout! WHEW!

I met Mito around half an hour before the event started and we collected our ‘numbers’, I felt odd because I have never participated in any sporting event in my life and the ‘numbers’ are carried by atheletics and not some sloth like me! Soon we were starting to warm up on the Hi/Lo Aerobics. Basically we get to learn 5 moves which we repeat over one hour, so that even the dullest of us can remember them.

I was tortured and pained to sit through a beauty pageant during the break. SICK! My GOD, if only those women could think on their feet! I guess you cant simply blame them alone as the questions were equally hideous!

We then went through one hour of kickboxing and one hour of hiphop! I loved kickboxing. I guess it is innate in me! (My mum can attest to the innateness of it! :)).

At 5 p.m. the dreaded beauty pageant continued after the marathon and it seemed like each one of the finalist won some prize or the other. I wonder who won the prize for the ‘cleverest answer’.

I found my way home and died for two hours before making up for the lost calories with a big round of Komala’s South Indian Meal!

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