CnPack Administrators

Name True Name Stars Contents
Jingyu Zhou Jingyu ******** CnPack Initiator and Administrator, Main Designer and Author of CnPack & CnWizards. Migrated CVSTrac.
LiuXiao Liu Xiao ******** CnPack Administrator. Author of Multi-Language Package and CnDebugger. Main Author of CnPack & CnWizards. Art Designer.


CnPack VIP Members

Name True Name Stars Contents
QSoft He Qing *** CnPack Administrator(Temporary). Migrated CVSTrac.
Riceball Li Xueyu *** CnPack Senior Consultant, Providing Many Suggestions and Materials to Our Project Management. Designer of Multi-Language Package.
Chinbo Shen Longqiang *** Author of Property Editors. Improve Forms Library, Component Package and CnWizards' Bug Report & Suggestions Tool.
Alan Zhang Wei *** Author of Project Extension. Give Many Suggestions to CnWizards.
tif Feng Mingyu *** Author of Partly Editor Enhancement. English Translator of CnWizards Interface.
Simon Liu Liu Yuntao *** Author of CnCodeFomatter. Help to Design and Improve CnWizards.
Leeon Li Ke *** Author of Open Historical Files. Help to Improve and Reconstruct CnWizards.
savetime Zhang Yang ** Help to Improve CnWizards Code and Report Bugs and Suggestions.
rarnu He Xiaojie **** Author of some Components and Migrate CnPack Components to Delphi 2009.

Note: VIP Members are Those who Contributed Much to CnPack.



Name True Name Stars Contents
Cao Xiaogang Cao Xiaogang **** CnPack Project Management Consultant & Inspector. Provide Lots of Materials, Suggestions and a Free Server to CnPack.
YZ Zhang Wei ** CnPack Project Management Consultant. Provide Lots of Help and Suggestions to CnPack in Early Period. He's also the Administrator of ISee Explorer Project.
nihaoqiang Cui Dongwei ** CnPack Coding Consultant. He Brings Lots of Inspection Thinkings & Methods to CnPack.



Name True Name Stars Contents
Alphazw Zhang Wei *** Orignal Administrator of CnPack Website. Contributed Much to CnPack Website Construction and Project Management.
Pan Ying Pan Ying ** Author of Pas2Html Engine in CnWizards.
Pengs Peng Junli ** One of Designers of UI Component Package. Give Many Suggestions to CnPack.
Jedei Zhang De * Network Developer. Give Many Suggestions to CnPack.
Tie Nan   **** Main Designer and Author of CnReport.
Wyb_Star Wang Yubao ** Original Author of Form Designer in CnWizards.
Ji Feng Ji Feng * Coordinator of CnPack Documents.
Chen Gang Chen Gang * Help to Develop CnWizards.
holin Lin Hongyu * Original Administrator of CnPack Website.
Licwing Zue Zhu Lei ** CnPack Senior Consultant. Author of Hide Non-visual Components in CnWizards.
Fengwu-Jianxin Zhang Jian * Help to Build the New BBS.
catthunder Lei Zhu * Investigate for CnPack's Designing. Give Many Suggestions to CnPack Project.
A Zi   * Help to Develop CnWizards for Traditional Chinese.
Xiaolv Lv Hongqing * One of Authors of MessageBox Wizard in CnWizards.
Lu Xiaoban Zhou Yibo *** Author of CnPack Dock Components (DockPresident).
oldnew   * Help to Test CnWizards. Report Some Bugs of CnWizards.
Icecloud Wu Yanhua * Original Administrator of CnPack Website and BBS.
CJ Cheng Jian * Nice Suggestions to CnWizards. Administrator of FVASPD Project.
Xuezhe   * BBS Administrator. Help to Write Help Documents of CnWizards.
walkingboy Liu Zhongwu * Give a Suggestion for MessageBox Designer of CnWizards.
ugvanxk Jiang Shiqiang * Report a Bug of MessageBox Designer of CnWizards.
Icebird Liu Ruxu ** Report Bugs of CnWizards Carefully. Other Suggestions also Given.
Beta Xiong Heng ** Author of File Snapshot in CnWizards. Migrated CVSTrac.
ttch Zhao Nianfeng * Report a Bug of Source Statistics Wizard and Give the Correction Suggestion.
h4x0r Jiang Sheng * Author of "Tip of Day"
Sheng Xiaoqing Sheng Xiaoqing * Author of CnEdit.
SuperYoyoNC Xu Zijiang * Original Author of CnVolumeControl
shadowstar   ** Original Author of IDE Enhancement in CnWizards.
Xiao Dong   ** Author of CnWinampCtrl. Report Many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
e_libra Li Yang ** Author of JCFExpert. Report Many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
e- * Migrated AAFont Package.
Jerry Yang Yang Lin * Report a Bug. Migrated CnHashTable Example.
ZaGaiMingA Chen RunXin * Help to Test CnWizards and Gives Suggestions. Help to Revise Documents.
SkyJacker * Help to Test CnWizards and Gives Suggestions.
Hong Danny * Help to Write CnDebug Help Document.
Daxian   * Help to Improve CnDebugger.
xm.zhuge   * Help to Test MultiLang.
yzdbs   * Author of CnButtonEdit. Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
Xiao Hui Xiong Jianlong * Help to Translate some Resource of CnPack Component Package.
Bahamut   ** Author of CnButton Components and CnLinkedList.
BuDeXian   * Author of CnSQLAnalyzer.
Guye   * Migrated CnHexEditor.
Sesame Hu ChangHong ** Help to Improve CnDebugViewer.
Childe Ng   ** Migrated some Components and Wrote Help Documents.
Zi Min   * Author of CnFilePacker. Help to Improve Code.
CodeGame ReverseKing ** Author of CnRedisClient, CnHardwareBreakpoint, CnMemorySearch and CnInProcessAPIHook.


Other Contributors

Name True Name Stars Contents
Erik Berry *** GExperts Administrator. Give Nice Suggestions and License to CnPack.
Flier Lu ** Original Author of MSDN Wizard in CnWizards. Give Help to CnWizards Development.
Chen Xing Chen Xing *** Give Much Help to CnWizards Development. Original Author of Prefix Wizard and Property Corrector in CnWizards.
Aimingoo Zhou Aiming ** Original Author of CPU Enhancement in CnWizards. Give Helps to CnPack.
Hhha   ** Original Author of Explorer Wizard in CnWizards.
Johnson Zhong   ** Original Author of Code Input Helper in CnWizards.
Dragon P.C.   ** Contribute some Editor Enhancement Codes to CnWizards.
TheMonkey Hu Jia ** Help to Translate CnWizards Help Partly.
Roy Peled   * Improve the Web Search.
ccrun   ** Original Author of IDE Config Backup/Restore Tool.
solokey   ** Author of CnFileSystemWatcher and CnXlsWriter.
Bear_hx Fan Sheng * Author of CnAAMarqueeText.
Zswang   * Author of CnHexEditor.
XiaoFeng   * Author of CnQueue.
zzzl   * Author of CnVarList.
TuMu   * Author of CnColorGrid.
cnwinds * Author of CnIOCP Components.
Rain   * Author of CnErrorProvider.
Daxiong Kang Hongzhi * Author of CnLEDText.
wqyfavor Wang Qianyuan * Author of CnFloatConvert Unit.
Eric Wang   * Author of CnXMLPersistent.


Language File Translators

Name True Name Area Contents
Keeper Yuri Petrov Russia Commit Russian translation for CnWizards.
Alexander schnider-ru   Russia Commit some Russian translation for CnWizards.
  Ralf Schroedter Germany Commit German translation for CnWizards.
  David Caouette French Commit French translation for CnWizards(Partly).


Third Party Resources

Name Stars Contents
GExperts ** Referenced Much by CnWizards.
Jedi-JCL * Referenced by CnPack Component Package and CnWizards.
FastLib * Referenced by CnPack Image Package.
Graphic32 * Referenced by CnPack Image Package.
TDiff * CnWizards Uses it in Source Compare Wizard.
OmniXML * CnWizards Uses this Package.
Want * CnWizards Uses this build management tool.
uDbg/Overseer * CnWizards Used it as a Debug Logger before. Now CnDebugViewer. It's also Referenced by CnDebug.
VirtualTree * CnDebugViewer Used it to Display Messages.
mxCaptionBarButtons * CnWizards Used this Component.
mPasLex * CnWizards Uses this Parser.
mwBCBTokenList * CnWizards Uses this Parser.
DCU32 * CnWizards Uses this Package.
ConvertZ * CnWizards Uses it to Convert Chinese Characters for Language Files.
NSIS * CnWizards Uses it to Make Installer.
TPAbbrevia * CnWizards Used this Compressing Library Before.
FastCode * CnWizards Uses this Package.
RemObjects PascalScript * CnWizards Uses this Scripting Engine.
DosCommand * CnWizards Uses this Component in Nightly Build Tool.
RegExpr * CnWizards Uses this Regular Expression Library.
DDetours * CnWizards Uses this Hook Library.
lib_fts * String Fuzzy Match Routines Referenced by CnWizards and Bug Fixed.


Companies and Organizations

Name Stars Contents
Delphi BBS ** Cradle of CnPack Project
Cosoft ** Provide Free CVS/Mailing List/Website Resources to CnPack
SourceForge ** Provide Free Resources to CnPack
Redsaga *** Provide Free CVS/Website REsources to CnPack. Now abandoned.
Google Code *** Provide Free SVN/Download Resources to CnPack. Now abandoned.
GitHub *** Provide Free GIT Resources to CnPack


CnPack Partners

Name Area Contents China Provides Chinese Feeds for CnWizards Feed Reader Wizard. Germany Provides English Feeds for CnWizards Feed Reader Wizard. Russia Provides Russion Feeds for CnWizards Feed Reader Wizard.


Other Supporters

Name True Name Stars Contents
DaDiZhiZi   * Provide Free Web Space to Earlier CnPack.
jjweb   * Help to Develop CnPack's First Website and BBS.
BeiSuQingFeng   * Help to Develop CnPack's New Website.
Kangsh Kang Shuo * Administrator of Cosoft. Give Much Help to CnPack.
Xiao Zhun   * Provide Free BBS to CnPack Before.
wiseinfo   ** Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards. Help to Fix Problems for Version Enhancement.
coaco   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
LiuHui   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
lionet   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
softsword   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
rocky   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
DelphiSharp   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
felixsun   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards.
SwordLight   * Report many suggestions of InputHelper.
Bee   * Help to Improve Explorer and Form Design Wizard.
wr960204   * Help to Improve Base64 code.
Dans   * Fix a Deep Bug for CnWizards about Keyboard Problem.
niaoge   ** Help to Optimize CnWizards Code. Author of CnValidateImage.
jAmEs_   * Report many Bugs and Suggestions of CnWizards. Help to Improve CnEdit and Write the Example.
Jackson.He   * Help to Improve CnCheckTreeView.
LAI   * Help to Adjust Document.
YuFeiYing   * Help to Imporve CnMD5.
dejoy   ** Report Bugs and Give Suggestions. Add Command Line Support to some Tools. Help to Improve Comment Cropper.
Erik De Laet   * Help to Write Script Demo.
PuTi   ** Help to Improve Components, Demos and Write Help.
Vincent Vanackere   * Commit some Patches of Uses Cleaner.
zhqian   * Help to Promote CnPack.
npc8   * Help to Migrate CnWizards to 10.1 Berlin.
Ian Barker   * Recommend CnWizards to GetIt Package Manager.
LuoJianRen   * Help to Improve CnCalendar.


Bug and Suggestion Reporters

Area Name
China Yang Xicheng, cequal, eagle_xmw, Dai Tao, Xxf, szkingrose, Delfly, brook, shinwell, pihome, Dfwzh, hanjy, wind2000, pgt, Wang Shouhong, phddcg, Sun Zexing, exeexe, Qufo, dickson_li, gyh75, asmcat2000, Han Jingyu, agamem, hiscaler, Nu Yuhai, XiangDong, littlerain, yyzhen, ahe, lycnew, Yu Hongwei, rypan, chen, Chen changping, A Feng, Luo Tingfu, giantsea, renxiaofu, nil, Archonwang, wenfei, magicka, lwtlwt, TianYi, ccp_168, skin8, Tian Dixuan, shinwell, Wang Baohui, Chen Bingxiang, hbezwwl, eLan, e_libra, sonicer, dcexpert, Fen Yunjingke, Yu Limin, Yang Shuailin, imlym, kowimin, xthmpro_cn, lxy0950, auos, illk, Lu Tianxiong, Li Renkai, Zheng Zhiqiang, nunoa, knacky, Yang Qiang, Yang Dong, Tang Yinjiang, Zheng Xingmin, Xiao Liu, xiaoyong, zengan_cn, Shawn, cokkiy, Zhou Xiaoyuan, yixin_km, lqldir, Wang Lijun, Zhou Ming, Liao Xinping, mdmd222, Zizii Wan, Pan Yingjie, Xiao Ye, dawnsoft, coffeemay, stickman, ak47, Rainstorey, zhlccl, geluyx, coolvcl, MSTAR, mdmd111, QQCAT, chenshaizi, royrandy, qet006, shaken, oupj, yangh888, new_stranger, Liang Puyin, Andy Kwok, Xiao Ke, Li Yong, HUA, kangdangda, happyhong, SOFOMEN, Huang Jin, Lai Jinhui, Zhan Kai, ProudSnow, Yi Xin, Qui JiaJian, fdltc, zdhsoft, wfymqj, changsoft, xiong2001, yimanwk, guoj, szuzsq, DaYi Chen, Wang Haoyu, yuzg, Li HaiChang, zhangke, Phynex, zhy123, Lin Zhenqun, Zeng Haoye, Lanny, bw10, Xu Tao, zhenxin0603, bloodmud, julekmen, bbw, boatzm, superllh, delphixxx, Duan ChangZhi, sweetgun, rarnu, xjw100, qhbo, gzf205, gz_runwe, stanleyxu, YYUNIT, Daniel, tengxing, Zhu DongHua, duhu, plzw, YiXinYiYi, cl, crazycock, BenNiu, animator, YuAiguo, QingSongZhiLv, LvBuWei, mymousecat, Csharps, xierenxixi, gaoyanan, ChaoQiGuanChaoLuo, DaXiong, allan, Eddy Zhao, A-Few, MaiYu, GuoQingaa, zj_yqj, zmfu, limin, oldsheep35, freespace8, white526, YouWei, XueShanFeiNiao, lxw5214, BingXueMo, Redbreast, TaoShengYiJiu, ShuiBian, Gu Jianwu, caleb007, akong, NingShui, KeLeZai, edwinyeah, wqyfavor, Yock.W, LiuXingWuYu, bincom, 909090, ShiZiEr, DaLiang, FengZhongCaoMao, LengFengWuLei, ShanBuZhuanShuiZhuan, Fisher, godnumen, fbms, oyefer, Dan, PiXie, lzj1981, xopv, caidaoli, Efeis, aiker666, JueWu, ShuiBuRenShiWo, XiaoXu, GenLiZheng, luoyiminga, toysun, sibad_sh, skyfreesky, yerly, Ace2008, tanmeixiang, muroachanf, YuZhongXue, tahhkj, laiguorong, XiaoXia, Authur, IISUSER, space, moremay, BuYeRen, jtdd, rise, zhuojianyou, XiaoMao, Derod, YaLaXiangBo, takaya, Vair, XieEDeHelloWorld, YanZhaoCun, xiongzhifei, FanXianYi, SongDongli, mysluo, XiaoFan, wuyunnet, chinaplaycar, zmguozi, junhome, Learu, xqzhle, Lei Jingtang, leaker, CCED136, vowstar, xushuyi, johnny, Yang xinyu, LangZiKunKun, wbdzw, vga, yinsim, Guoguo, eGust, Lin Howard, sadanboy2010, Baer, xzhifei, linmutou, forum1, xuliang, piaoyun!, TangZuoPing, dotnet20, tme, o-o, hq200306, K.o.s, XingKongDeXuanLv, linktong, progray, sehe, yookee, jacky_char, veket, visual, 58753101, Ceiwei Jin, Nichawl, j_rise, hzzsn520, YuFeng, sdshw, uthon, jmhyy, cbing, yu, XiaoTao, inbreak, guangpenshan, Gavin, HenjiuHenjiuYiqian, Perry Li, KuaiMaYangBian, mit,, DongFengXiYu, Fish, GrandRURU, JiangZhongShan, lazarus_net, GR44, SuiFengPoLang, XingShao, qinjianzhou, HuiHong, FengShengHuiHuang, newa, 3304xfq, DaiZi, KngStr, XiangLong, gjianbo,, LinDaShu, ZhaoYuanFeng, XingYunFeiWu, XiGua163, czmagic, tianpanhaha, yelisheng, xychen, Kubin.Zhu, Mouse, DelphiExpert, HuoBingYunZhiMeng, NET, wuguan, YanSiDeYu, DuPoLouLan, HuiPing, TianYa100, bjabc, cuicui, ZhiWen2014, huiyou8746525, gmp722, ruanjiangaoshou, www12345, guanlianan, ChunNuanHuaKai, sender, sw520, JianWei, freecat, Star5, QingZheng.MaWei, BeiYanSiDeYu, tonvo, FengZi, hypdelphi
Poland Artur Redzko, Marcin Latko
Portugal nunoa, Carlos Macao, Nuno Antunes
France Herv GOMEZ, knacky, Raphael Neve, swierzbicki, Michel Terrisse, Dehorter
Czech KarelPodařil, frank.borland, Čestmír Najzar
Finland Tapio Saarikumpu, Bisma Jayadi
Belgium Tim Sinaeve, Lieven Keersmaekers, Xavier Godin
Germany WeikEngOff, Sebastian Feld, Ralph Rakers, Ciao Ralf, hsg, cnpackfan/Udo(**), Andreas Vorbeck, Thomas Reschke, Markus, RWarnecke, german.balbi, wakee, Knut Eschricht, LeChuck, Ulrich Andreas, baka0815, Christoph Gensler
United States bongofury
Canada William, DaveK
Japen okazaki
Hungary Attila Forgacs, Hofi, Dallos Gergely
Indonesia uchiha85, indy, iwancs
Netherlands Feike Mulder, Pieter Visser, Peter Wokke
Italy Carmelo Viavattene, Gunny, rik
Russia Aleksey Timohin, ils, seekbirdy, Sergey Plotnikov, gramer, Alex, Acid, egomail, Starina, Павел Сергеевич, VladimirSrednikh
Estonia klemm(**), Lauri Zoova
Austria Peter Aschbacher
Sweden ma1999
Brazil KADU, David Farina
Israel E.Z
Slovenia Robert Cerny
Bulgaria ScorpioSoft
Australia nick_ioof
Philippines Rajeem Eid Cariazo
Ukraine Saltyshckack Gennadii, VitaliyGrabchuk(**)
Byelorussia schastny
Others Maximiliano Robaina, Craig, Helmut Schiefer, cravron, Lars Hesselberg, da geek, Sean Ryan, Giorgio Vanoni, John Bee, ClaytonAguiar, Leroy Casterline, Russell E. Holcomb, xander, rk_aquasoft, James Bond, Potemkin Pavel Andreevich, Josep Maria Artigas, cata, mustafin.rustem, Mike Gibbard, Jonas Rodrigues, dandcnpack, Nguyen Thanh Khiem, freeman, Wolf, qmoura, bendeguzz, elricbk, Matias Rodriguez, pazvante, PAB, deriaz, Nguyen Thanh Khiem, Ali AVCI, BoChen Lin, caleb.hattingh, Lakearo, Evgeni, faustoceara, Vilo, Битюков Григорий, Rudolf Robinigg, kinezos, Gdhami, dekleinepinguin, vector03nls, raizalnapi, Werner Rüdige, Michael Oed, Виталий Гробштейн, thetoolwiz, Mark Jaafar, Zigmund.Bulinsh, perica.susic, meyer.wil, EMBarbosa, Heinz Toskano, RichardWinston, Martin Sedláček, ukrainian, nonameplum, Sorien, ajayrp, hbpires, Jeferson Menegon, Grzegorz Skoczylas, Fernando Takeshi Sato, piker00, mikemb78, UNIS, jaclas, thachngopl, Ludens, Mladen Koren, Thijs van Dien, Evren Esat Özkan, Pawe1, Aluisio, Beri75, cirtasoft, TheOne320, DelphiWorlds, protoror


Note: Most contents of this credits list comes from our feedback mail and bbs. If there are errors or you have suggestions to us, please contact us.




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