Fall syntax color scheme for Sublime Text

Fall syntax is a color scheme comfortable to program for several hours because of its warm color without losing contrast and with a wonderful color palette, made for vscode. However here is the port to Sublime text because when I saw it I liked it a lot so I decided to try it in my editor, and it really exceeds my expectations. I have tried to make the port as accurate as possible to the original, and I think I have not done a bad job, although you can notice some changes like the color of the whitespace dots, I made them 10% brighter so if you have the default setting, you can still see them. The way the scopes work in sublime themes are different from vscode so you will notice some changes in that, but it's normal, the truth is that it's very difficult to make two themes in different editors and have them work in the same exact way. I have used the theme editor made by Aziz

You can see the instructions to install the package from the Sublime text package control or download it directly here.

(Text translated by DeepL translator, may contain inaccurate translations)


Fall syntax original repository - https://github.com/ThatXliner/fall-syntax
Aziz theme editor - https://github.com/aziz/tmTheme-Editor
Sublime text - https://www.sublimetext.com/
Font used in example - https://fontesk.com/iosevka-typeface/

Copyright (c) 2020 Bryan Hu (ThatXliner), Brett Stevenson (tterb)