# SublimeText XML tag completion plugin ![](https://github.com/neothenil/sublimetext_complete_xml_tag/workflows/Unittest/badge.svg) This plugin is to convert the following XML file ```xml ``` to this: ```xml ``` It replaces with the corresponding tag name. ## Installation * Package control: Use [Package Control](https://packagecontrol.io/) and search for "CompleteXmlTag". * Manually: Go to `Sublime Text → Preferences → Browse Packages` and clone the repo to this directory and rename the repo folder to `CompleteXmlTag`. ## Usage * Open the command pallette and type `complete close tag`. * Click `Sublime Text → Selection → Format → Complete Close Tag`. ## Config Not only the `xml` file can be formatted by this package, it also supports other XML-based file type. Just by modifying the settings file this way: ```json { "file_selectors": ["text.xml", "text.html"] } ``` and the `html` file can also be formatted. ## License This software is distributed under MIT license (see [License](./LICENSE) for details).