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The Wedding

I almost forgot the wedding that took place and the reception I was witness to.

Landed in Mumbai in the late evening with a theaterical mess-up. The plane tickets say “Chatrapati Shivaji International Terminal” while the plane lands in the Domestic Airport. Before I saw the plane ticket I had informed Nandini’s family to send their driver to the Domestic Terminal. Then panic set in while looking at the plane ticket which mentions International Terminal! Woah, frantic calls to Chikku creating pandemonium at the wedding hall =) Finally realised after the touch down that we had actually landed in the Domestic Terminal! Whew, then found the kindly driver speaking mumbaiyya hindi taking us to the wedding hall.

Mumbai was hot but not humid by the time I reached the wedding hall. We were in time for the reception. Finally met Nandini after more than eight months! Whew, did she look preeeeeeety in the pink saree (there is something about pink that weaves a magic on women!). Not to mention I met CHIKKU after a YEAR! Hehehhee, the kid that she always is =) But she has GROWN UP. And i feel O-L-D.

Met Saurabh, dunno after so many centuries! And looks like his exercise regime is working =D Looked handsome in the coat, suit and stuff. Met the parents of both sides, looked the other way while tough questions were asked, smiled and dashed straight to the dinner buffet downstairs.

Ah, this is the best part -FOOOD. AWESOME VARIETY. Man, I didnt even know there were so many varities of the areca nut thingie (do I call it “supari”?). Anyways, there was so MUCH to eat!

Gave my dearest Nan and Saurabh an ipod shuffle. Fought away the random thought of putting it back into my bag on the sly. Nan and me were left confronting the marriage.

I left with the feeling of the whole “fakeness” of the wedding reception. It is like the time they give you prizes in school, only here they are receiving them. The queue to give the presents. The blinding flash light for the video recording and the even more powerful flash for the camera. I guess it is “tradition” to do that. Anyways, Nan, congratulations on what you have achieved! It is truly inspiring and amazing =D Enjoy long years of wedded bliss!