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{exp:low_search:form result_page="addons/results" form_id="addon_filter" query="{segment_3}" } {/exp:low_search:form}
{!-- Low Search tag pair to display initial set of results--} {exp:low_search:results channel='add_on_store' limit='4' paginate="bottom" } {!-- if no results, let the user know --} {if low_search_no_results}
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{/if} {!-- the card used to display the add-on information --} {!-- Tailwind card component source: https://tailwindcomponents.com/component/quote-card-with-image-1 --}
{!-- pagination since we're limiting to 4 results on a page --} {!-- Tailwind pagination component source: https://www.creative-tim.com/learning-lab/tailwind-starter-kit/documentation/css/pagination/with-numbers --} {paginate}
{/paginate} {/exp:low_search:results}