# Setup and manage stasis ready github pages directory # # provides a couple handy methods for using stasis on github pages to use # simple copy to a new directory to be used as the base for your github page # # rake setup_repository_for_github_user_page # will initialize the repository as needed # # rake publish # will publish a new version of the site from whatever is generated by stasis # # rake development (default so just run rake) # will run a stasis development server ready on port 3000 locally # # Author: Philipp Fehre Github: @sideshowcoder Twitter: @ischi require 'tmpdir' desc 'Setup the repository for Github user or organization page run this in an empty folder' task :setup_repository_for_github_user_page do `git init` `git checkout -b source` write_default_files `bundle install` `git add -A` `git commit -m'setup source branch'` `git checkout --orphan master` rm_rf FileList['*'] `touch index.html` `git add -A` `git commit -m'setup content branch'` `git checkout source` Rake::Task[:publish].invoke puts <<-INFO Repository setup locally now create a repository named USERNAME.github.com and point the origin it's way. For more information check the README INFO end desc 'Generate page' task :generate do generate end desc 'Remove generated files from public' task :clean do rm_rf 'public' end desc 'Remove generated files including the stasis base layout' task :deep_clean do rm_rf 'public' rm FileList['controller.rb', 'Gemfile', 'index.html.erb'] end desc 'Publish updated page' task :publish => [:generate] do Dir.mktmpdir { |dir| mv FileList['public/*'], dir current_commit = `git rev-parse --short HEAD` `git stash` `git checkout master` rm_rf FileList['*'] mv FileList["#{dir}/*"], '.' `git add -A` `git commit -m 'published from #{current_commit}'` `git checkout source` `git stash pop` } end desc 'Push live' task :live do `git stash` `git checkout master` `git push` `git checkout source` `git stash pop` end desc 'Start development' task :development do puts 'Starting stasis watcher and server, visit http://localhost:3000 to view' pid = fork { exec 'bundle exec stasis -d 3000' } begin Process.wait pid rescue Object Process.kill 'TERM', pid Process.wait pid puts 'Something went wrong, try bundle exec stasis -d 3000 for more information' unless $?.success? end end task :default => :development # write some default files to have a valid stasis setup def write_default_files templates = load_templates File.open('controller.rb', 'w') { |f| f.write(templates[:controller]) } File.open('README.md', 'w') { |f| f.write(templates[:readme]) } File.open('index.html.erb', 'w') { |f| f.write(templates[:index]) } File.open('Gemfile', 'w') { |f| f.write(templates[:gemfile]) } end # generate the public files to serve def generate `bundle exec stasis` end # Load embedded templates from the file # added from Sinatra def load_templates templates = {} file = __FILE__ begin io = ::IO.respond_to?(:binread) ? ::IO.binread(file) : ::IO.read(file) app, data = io.gsub("\r\n", "\n").split(/^__END__$/, 2) rescue Errno::ENOENT app, data = nil end if data lines = app.count("\n") + 1 template = nil data.each_line do |line| lines += 1 if line =~ /^@@\s*(.*\S)\s*$/ template = '' templates[$1.to_sym] = template elsif template template << line end end end templates end __END__ @@ gemfile source "https://rubygems.org" gem "stasis" gem "redcarpet" @@ controller # ignore everything needed to build ignore 'Gemfile.lock' ignore 'Gemfile' ignore 'Rakefile' # ignore all the git stuff ignore '.gitignore' ignore '.ruby-version' ignore '.git' # we don't want to render the readme ignore 'README.md' @@ index My Github user page

My Github user page

checkout stasis to know how to work with me. To publish just run

rake publish
@@ readme Repository setup locally now create a repository named USERNAME.github.com and point the origin it's way. The rest of the Rakefile assumes a stasis default setup to be used so rake development runs a local development server on port 3000, watching the current dir rake generate generates the current page inside public rake publish publishes whatever is currently generated to the master branch ready to push Have a great day! @sideshowcoder