The command 'libra' contains four subcommands 'account', 'transaction', 'wallet', 'ledger'. When you enter 'libra' without any other parameters and subcommands, the help information below is displayed.

	libra [options] command [command parameters ...]

Optional arguments:

 -a | --host HOST  Host address/name to connect to. [default:testnet]
 -p | --port PORT  Admission Control port to connect to. [default: 8000]
 -v | --verbose Verbose output
 -V | --version Show program's version number and exit
 -h | --help Show this help message and exit

Use the following commands:

account | a 
	Account query by address
transaction | t 
	Transaction query
wallet | w 
	show account information of a wallet derived from mnemonic file
ledger | lg 
	show ledger info of Libra blockchain

%libra account
	account <params>

Use one of the following params for this command:

config | c 
	Show the config of Libra
balance | b <account_address>
	Get the current balance of an account by address
sequence | s <account_address>
	Get the current sequence number for an account by address
state | as <account_address>
	Get the latest state for an account by address
txn_acc_seq | ts <account_address> <sequence_number> <fetch_events=true|false>
	Get the committed transaction by account and sequence number.  Optionally also fetch events emitted by this transaction.
mint | mintb | m | mb <receiver_account_address> <number_of_micro_libra>
	Mint micro_libra to the address. Suffix 'b' is for blocking
rotate_auth_key | rak <sender_account_id_in_wallet>|<address> <public_key> <mnemonic_file_path>
	Rotate the authentication key of account in wallet.

%libra transaction
	transaction <params>

Use one of the following params for this command:

transfer | transferb | t | tb <sender_account_id_in_wallet>|<address> <receiver_account_address> <number_of_micro_libra> <mnemonic_file_path>
	Transfer coins (in micro libra) from one to another. <sender_account_address> should exsits in <mnemonic_file_path>. Suffix 'b' is for blocking
show | s <version number>
	Get the transaction by version
range | r <start_version> <limit> [fetch_events=true|false]
	Get up to <limit> number transactions from <start_version>
latest_version | lv 
	Get the latest version of transaction on the blockchain
latest | l 
	Get the latest transaction

%libra wallet
	wallet <params>

Use one of the following params for this command:

show | s <mnemonic_file_path>
	Show the mnemonic words, seed and addresses of a wallet
accounts | a <mnemonic_file_path>
	Show the keypair and address of accounts in a wallet
balance | b <mnemonic_file_path>
	Get the balance of all accounts in a wallet
create_wallet | cw <mnemonic_file_path>
	create a new wallet and save the mnemonic file to <mnemonic_file_path>
create_account | ca <creator_id> <mnemonic_file_path>
	Create new account by exsiting account and sync to the wallet's mnemonic file.

%libra ledger
	ledger <params>

Use one of the following params for this command:

info | i 
	Get the latest ledger info of Libra blockchain
time | t 
	Get the start and latest ledger time of Libra blockchain