Participate in the Community

Participating in the community is easy. Just play the game and spread the word!

If you would like to participate in the community a bit further, you can talk with other players on the AssaultCube Forum or IRC. Helping other players through these channels is appreciated.

Maybe post a review of the game somewhere, or join a clan, if that's your sort of thing!

Help with the project

Help with the AssaultCube project is also welcome. You can:

Report bugs

Reporting bugs really helps us to keep a good quality game.

If you want to help by reporting bugs, please ensure that the bug hasn't already been reported (if it has, you might be able to enhance the bug report). Please also ensure you have given us as much information as possible about the bug and how you came to find it. Also list the computer environment you run (operating system, video card, driver versions, etc).

Enhance the AssaultWiki

Before you're able to enhance the AssaultWiki, you need to gain access, you can read about how to do this here. Please ensure you are submitting quality articles, thanks.

Create custom media

You can create custom media and post it on Mapping and Modding subforum or submit it to Quadropolis.

If you need some guidelines about quality when it comes to maps, read the docs.

Test the development code

If you can handle software development tools, you can test the development version of AssaultCube.
You can get the latest source code from GitHub. It's possible to access the repository via git and subversion, also you can download a simple .zip file. You have to compile your OWN binaries.
Windows and Mac users can install GitHub Desktop to download development version from the repositories.

Remember to file a bug report if bugs are found while testing.