Find parslet to be really useful? Or just found a bug that is really ruining the day for you? Please contribute! Find the code on github.


Join us on IRC in #parslet.

Discussion and patches (or the odd cry for ‘Help! How can I parse X?’) should go to our mailing list at Just write a short message to that address and librelist will subscribe you. NNTP/web interface can be had through gmane.comp.lang.ruby.parslet.


Log in to github and open a bug ticket here. Please be sure to include the version of parslet and Ruby; maybe you can even provide some code that exhibits the bug?

And of course if you provide a properly tested patch, you’ll be our hero and get a place in the space below for lifetime.


Have you got a project that uses parslet? Please write us about it.


A javascript compiler that targets the rubinius VM. (Matthew Draper)


In here, you can find a parser for a lisp like language and much more.


A really small and elegant HTTP server written in Ruby. Think Webrick. Using parslet. (Postmodern)


Thnad is a tiny programming language with so few features that it is not useful for anything at all — except showing how to write a compiler in half an hour.

wt aka working title

A small parser that compiles to a postscript file. This is mostly for demoing the various aspects of a parser.


A variant of Chris Pound’s word generator written in Ruby, with some improvements. (Robert Kosek)


A semantic version parser. (meh)

Thanks for all the fish — Contributions